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Basics of Secure Gaming for Your Live Dealer Casino

Live dealer casinos have enjoyed an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years. Recent developments in technology have paved the way for operators to be able to provide fully immersive, highly engaging live casino experiences. Players can enjoy a number of different classic casino titles, with all the atmosphere and excitement of a real casino from the comfort of their own home.

However, as with any kind of online service, you must be able to ensure that the experience you are providing is safe and secure for your customers. For live dealer casinos, this is even more important. Establishing a secure gaming environment is absolutely paramount; it can work to create positive brand reputation and will encourage players to return to your live dealer tables in the future.

If you’re looking to introduce a live dealer casino to your online platform, you need to know how to protect your players and provide a safe gaming environment. We’ve put together a guide with some of the most important factors you need to consider. Check it out below.

Payment Methods

In order for your customers to play and spend money at your live dealer casino, you will need to offer them a range of payment methods through which they can deposit money into their accounts and hit the tables.

Providing players with a range of methods is the best to guarantee that they can deposit their money safely and securely. Offer options including debit card, credit card, mobile payments, and bank transfers. Make sure to include e-wallet options as well, these can offer improved player safety measures.

Software Systems

While live dealer casinos offer players the social benefits of a real casino experience, they rely on modern, cutting-edge software to deliver this service.

This software must be secure and able to deliver a safe and fair gaming experience to users. It must always adhere to fair play standards and will be regularly audited to ensure that it does. Live dealer software must be able to read game actions and outcomes accurately while securely processing things like wagers and pay outs.

Cloud Storage

Live dealer casinos need to handle large volumes of data, including game system and player information. Cloud servers and storage are used to ensure this data is handled and processed quickly and efficiently.

These can often prove to be weak points in a security system, so these cloud servers should always be encrypted with the most advanced security measures to keep them secure from hackers or cyber criminals.

Identity Verification

For any online service, correctly identifying user identity is vital. This is especially important for gambling operators, where customer accounts contain sensitive personal and financial information.

Identity verification procedures are crucial for operators to confirm that the correct account holders are accessing accounts, and that new players registering are of the legal gambling age. Processes for verifying identity are becoming more and more advanced, we’re seeing increased of biometric measures including facial or fingerprint recognition technology.


Unlike other forms of online gambling, live dealer casinos make use of physical equipment on their gaming tables. These can include things like roulette wheels, cards, and dice.

In the UK, the Gambling Commission requires that all casino equipment be of commercial quality and needs to receive regular integrity monitoring to ensure it meets the required standards. These checks include things like how roulette wheels spin and how decks of cards are shuffled and are designed to guarantee fair play standards are met.

Equipment must be securely stored away when not in use, to prevent any unauthorised persons from accessing it.

Staff Training

Much like traditional casinos, live dealer casinos make use of staff including dealers and croupiers to deliver games at the tables and provide an entertaining and engaging experience for the players.

These employees must be given extensive and comprehensive training to guarantee that they are providing a fair and secure gaming experience for players. They must be able to operate all equipment and gaming machines in accordance with fair play regulations. Failure to do so can seriously harm your brand’s reputation and even result in regulatory action. Training should be ongoing with employee progress carefully monitored and logged for future reference.

Additionally, live dealer casinos must have video surveillance systems in place to ensure all staff are acting in a fair and reputable manner.


When running a live dealer casino service, ensure your games are secure, safe, and fair is absolutely paramount. Players should feel comfortable and at ease when enjoying your games. If they perceive your service as being unsafe or unfair this can have serious implications for your brand. Follow the tips we’ve outline above and guarantee that you are providing a secure gaming experience for your players.