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Importance of Graphics for a Live Dealer Casino

If you’ve ever looked at a live dealer casino, no doubt you were blown away by the graphics. That might be because they were slick, they were exciting, or they were simply ugly. We’re looking at the importance of graphics for live dealer casinos and why it’s vital that you get them right.

It’s eye-catching

But the graphics can also simply entertain. You can have graphics in your live dealer casino that elevate the gaming experience, whether it’s entering the live dealer stream via some animated curtains or getting an animated celebration when your player wins.

Keeping your graphics eye-catching is important. It’s the main way players decide what website they’re going to use. You can tell them to read reviews all you want and entice them with offers and promotions, but the truth of the matter is that most people go off of vibes. We’re a vain bunch who will stick to a website that we like the look of and will not tolerate a live dealer casino that we don’t like the look of. We’re all looking to enjoy our time at these casinos, and the way you tell these players that they will enjoy themselves is with graphics.

It sets the tone

But what catches eyes? And what eyes do you want to catch? This depends on the demographic you’re aiming for, but casino players come in all shapes and sizes. Is your live dealer casino going to be professional or playful? Classic or modern? Simple or bombastic?

Just like there are millions of slot machine themes out there, there are a million different live dealer casino themes too. Everything from James Bond to Miami Heat has been replicated in casino themes. Because the online casino is a place to hang out and have the same sort of fun you would have at a bar, and every bar has a theme.

It sets the tone for the night they’re going to have and is depicted in the graphics. And the best live dealer casino graphics are simply the ones that put in a little effort. Go too simple and bare bones with your graphics and you might come off as boring, or worse, dodgy.

It takes table games from ordinary to extraordinary

Graphics don’t just mean the pretty pictures on the screen, though, as we’ve discussed, they go a long way to setting the tone, which is an important aspect of any live dealer casino. But they also are where you can take a standard gambling experience and elevate it. Take our live dealer casino tables, for example. What real-world casino table do you know has graphics around it displaying information on your bet, or the other people at the table? What other table has a chatroom? The graphics are the entryway to these features, and it’s important how they look, or players will simply not use them either because the ugly state of them gives them a headache or it simply looks boring.

They have to be clear

It’s important that graphics that are part of the live dealer casino experience are clear. You can be as flashy as you want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with actually understanding them. These graphics give a lot of information, such as that about the players’ bets or the other players at the table, and if the player is unable to read them, you’re in for some trouble. It’s worth remembering that casino and classic table games have universal appeal when it comes to demographic. That includes those who might have issues reading a tiny font.

But replicate real life

The point of a live dealer casino is immersion. You want the player to feel like they are really there in the casino. So any graphics you add shouldn’t intrude on the basic vibe of being in the casino at the blackjack table. The information given should float around the action. And if you plan on adding anything to the stream, it should add to the experience of the casino action, like celebrations when the player wins, or digitized casino wheels that display the results automatically.


The graphics are hugely important to any interface on the internet, but especially a live dealer casino. They convey information while exciting the player. At VIVO Gaming we pride ourselves on our impeccable and professional graphics that convey a good time but also a reliable and safe place to bet. Our timeless design will slot nicely into any online casino. Take a look at our products to see for yourself.