Why you need Sic Bo and Teen Patti in your online casino

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If you’re thinking about opening your own online casino, or are already running one, no doubt it’s full of the usual suspects: slot machines, poker tables, blackjack, roulette. But what if you wanted something a little different? Is there anything out there that still fits the bill of a classic casino table game, but is […]

Compliance Issues for Live Dealer Casinos

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The online gambling industry has boomed in recent years. New developments in technology have allowed online operators and providers to offer players far more engaging and enjoyable experiences, with better performance, more features, and improved visuals. However, for some players iGaming just doesn’t have the same magic as gambling in person does. It can seem […]

How can you benefit from adding sports betting to your casino?

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The online gambling industry has boomed in recent years. Fuelled in part by technological developments and optimised mobile devices, and by increasing legalisation and regulation in global jurisdictions, online casinos have flourished and now account for the largest sector in the overall gambling industry. While online table and slots games are as popular as ever, […]

Opportunities for Online Casino Operators in LATAM 2022​

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Latin America is an untapped market when it comes to iGaming, and it’s a market that has a lot of potential. There are an increasing number of sportbooks and online casino operators opening up every year in an area that shares a culture that involves an appreciation for gambling. Mobile gambling is especially popular nowadays, […]

European roulette vs American roulette: What’s best for your casino?

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Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that is still played today, and it remains as one of the most popular games in casinos and on online gambling platforms across the globe. After first appearing in Europe approximately 400 years ago, the game has seen numerous iterations, tweaks, and adjustments to its rules and […]

The History of Live Dealer Casinos

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The popularity of live dealer casinos has been steadily rising since the concept’s inception. As Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions were put into place worldwide in 2020, the format saw an explosion in player numbers. As business and leisure facilities closed their doors, including casinos, and people were forced to stay at home, many turned to […]

The Key Differences Between Live Casino Games and Computer Automated Games

Are you an avid gamer? Have you ever considered looking into live casino games rather than the automated slot and blackjack machines that are common in online casinos? There is a little something extra in those live casino games that is hard to replicate with an entirely bot-based approach. What is that little something? Well, […]

Martin Hodges appointed Vivo Gaming Marketing Director as the company expands

Leading live casino software provider Vivo Gaming has strengthened its senior leadership team after appointing Martin Hodges to the role of Marketing Director. Hodges joins the company having already spent 11 successful years in the iGaming industry, where he honed his skills in online marketing, social media strategies, partnerships, customer engagement and commercial strategies and […]