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The Key Differences Between Live Casino Games and Computer Automated Games

Are you an avid gamer? Have you ever considered looking into live casino games rather than the automated slot and blackjack machines that are common in online casinos? There is a little something extra in those live casino games that is hard to replicate with an entirely bot-based approach. What is that little something? Well, we think it’s a few things. Take a look at our picks for all the ways live casino games win over automated games.

Get a personal experience

It happens to everything. You do something enough; you get tired of it. The repetition becomes dull and soon you’re looking for the next big thing. Even skydiving can get dull if you do it over and over. That’s the trap you fall into with computer automated games. There is the thrill of winning of course, but in between you’re likely to be doing the same thing over and over within the game.

But if you were to try one of the live casino games, there is a much-needed dose of humanity injected into the game. You would be likely to be matched up with a different dealer every time and you can enjoy a smile coming to your screen while you play. There are even live casino games that allow you to interact with other players at the table, so there is even a social element to it. No two visits to the live casino games will be the same, shaking up your online gambling routine.

A genuine win

And this lack of routine to your gambling might be just the thing you need to win. The point of live casino games is to simply stream the game to you. There is nothing that dictates whether you win or lose beyond the cards and Lady Luck. Your live casino games dealer will deal you in and help you play just like any other real-world casino game. You can enjoy a win knowing you earned it.

For example, if you are playing blackjack, a banking casino game, the live casino games option has you play against the house, not an algorithm. There is more chance for an authentic win that way with only the cards on your side.

Share in the victory

And, if you do win, this isn’t a solo experience either. Online gambling can be quite an isolated hobby. You might be alone in a room with a computer or phone, which is fine while you’re spinning or gambling, but when you actually get a win, you’ll want to share it with someone. Live casino games put some more atmosphere back into gambling. If there’s no one in the room when you win, you can at least celebrate with your dealer and maybe a few folks at the table with the right game. Then again, maybe the other players wouldn’t appreciate that.

Feels like the real deal

The best thing about the live casino games is that they bring the casino to you. If you’re missing the casino but can’t get to them, for whatever reason, there is going to be little atmosphere to be had from visiting an automated casino game. If the casino is too far away but you’d love to enjoy the sounds, sights and smells of the real world casino, they can be brought to you via a live stream. You’ll be able to play with a dealer, sometimes other players, and have the casino table and building streamed right to you.

It’s a convenient middle ground

Even better, this means you can enjoy the casino on your own terms. Maybe you’re not looking to socialise too much, so just you and the dealer is fine. You won’t get that option in the real world casino or on the automated games. Say you can’t afford to travel to the nearest casino, which in some states could be Nevada. Then you don’t have to. You can enjoy the casino coming to you via a streaming service. You don’t even have to get dressed up. You can enjoy all the perks of automated online gambling, namely the very little effort required, while still enjoying the atmosphere of the real world casino.


As technology develops, there are more and more ways to go about your gambling habits. You can head to the casino, you can try the online games, or you can hit the middle ground with live casino gaming.

And live casinos are likely to improve as time goes on. There will be more immersive experiences ready to fall at your door, coming to you from everything from your mobile phone to your VR headset. As technology improves and evolves you can bet gambling will evolve along with it.

But for now, the most cutting-edge gambling experience is the live casino option that offers customers the real world atmosphere of the casino without the real world hassle of getting to the casino. Bringing the fun to you.