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What Do Players Expect from Online Casinos in the Digital Age?

Technology keeps evolving and the iGaming industry has always been at the forefront of it. In the early days of the internet, you could play games before you could shop or chat. As new technologies make themselves known, it’s important for online casinos in the digital age to be the first to pick it up, because it’s very obvious when they are not. The players are always looking for the next best thing, true, but also the most convenient thing, the most immersive thing, and the thing that will keep them coming back. There are a lot of elements to online gaming that are becoming standard nowadays, and some leave a gaping hole in the development of your website. What are these factors? Take a look at our guide to the technology that should be implemented in your online casinos in the digital age.

Convenience and accessibility

The first of the basic things that online in the digital age should have, is accessibility and convenience. Your online casino should be easy to access, quick to access, easy to find and convenient to use. There are a lot of things that go into this. You want to optimise your online casino to hit them all.

In terms of being easy to find, you want to make sure it’s optimised for SEO and well-linked from other sources, like social media. It should load quickly and without glitches, making sure that no bugs get in the way of a customer making a deposit. It should also be easy to navigate. Any one of these problems occurring could cause the player to give up and bounce.

Payment methods

A lot of online casinos in the digital age were quick to take on Bitcoin as a payment option a year ago. That is still the case and iGaming remains one of the only industries to really take the coin seriously, but it speaks to a bigger issue. It’s important to offer as many payment options as possible in order to appeal to many different financial cultures. For instance, bank transfers aren’t very popular in America, who prefer to use e-wallet apps like PayPal and Venmo to conduct the same purpose. If you don’t accept e-wallets, you’re missing out on players’ deposits. Additionally, countries like China and India have really embraced crypto, so their players are likely to want a Bitcoin option.

Live dealer experiences

As for the games themselves, any online casinos in the digital age want to offer up the most cutting-edge and immersive gaming experiences. The best technology for that is streaming. Live dealers can be streamed straight from the casino to the player, with a fully personalised front that reflects the brand and can be tailored to their needs. Add a chat, or more seats at the table, etc. all with a friendly dealer walking the player through the game. Players will feel like they are really there in the casino.

It’s the next step in online casino gaming, which can typically be a solo venture without any interaction or immersion. Live dealer gaming can make the player feel like they are there in the casino.

Mobile optimisation

Another element of hosting online casinos in the digital age as it pertains to convenience and accessibility is mobile optimisation and cross-compatibility. You want to make sure that your game is available to play on a computer or laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. To really get ahead you might want to make sure it’s optimised for consoles and smart TVs.

The important one on that list is mobile phones. People are using their phones more than their computers, particularly for leisure, which iGaming definitely is. In the player’s mind, the computer is for work or really concentrating, but the phone is already in their hand for a passive experience. This means it’s what they reach for to pass the time, on the commute, in the waiting room, during their lunch, etc.

Additionally, when targeting a global market for your online casinos in the digital age, mobile optimisation is vital. A lot of countries like India and African countries have abandoned or never really picked up the laptop or PC. They have always used their phone consistently and do today.

Customer support

The iGaming industry is one that handles a lot of money, so naturally, there are going to be questions and, unfortunately, complaints. To have a robust customer support service available is to really gain some authority in the iGaming world. If you have an email service, the player will tolerate it, but a customer support team really makes you stand out as an online casino in the digital age that values its customers, knows how to look after its players, and can inspire loyalty.


There are a lot of things you can do to stand out as an online casino in the digital age, and a lot of it really comes down to pleasing basic needs, like support, options, and fun experiences.