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Why Auto Roulette Could Be a Good Addition to Your Live Casino

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games, but it remains one of the most popular. The roulette wheel is synonymous with the casino experience and perfectly represents the thrills and excitement that only gaming can offer. 

For a game as old as roulette, it will come as no surprise to learn that there are various different versions of the game. Each offers something a little different, and as an operator, it’s essential you learn about them so that you can choose the best one for your online casino. Auto roulette is fast becoming one of the most popular versions of the game. Let’s take a closer look at what auto roulette is and why it could be a good addition to your live casino. 

What is Auto Roulette?

The classic game of roulette requires a wheel and a croupier to call the numbers and manage the bets. This version of the game is still incredibly popular and has spawned numerous variations such as European roulette and American roulette

However, the gaming industry has long been at the forefront of emerging technology, and as new systems are developed, we have seen updates to the games and services available for players. 

Roulette is certainly no exception; technological advancements have allowed for the creation of a new form of the game: auto roulette. 

Instead of a real-life croupier spinning a ball around a roulette wheel and then calling out the number and collecting the bets, auto roulette games fully automate this process. By using sophisticated computer programs, auto roulette carries out all of the game functions electronically without the need for human support or operation. 

So, now that we know what auto roulette is, let’s discuss why it could be a good addition to your live casino. 

It’s More Efficient

One of the biggest advantages that auto roulette has over more traditional versions of the game is that it is far more efficient. By automating previously human-operated functions, auto roulette offers a faster and more streamlined experience.

Instead of having croupiers calling out numbers, collecting bets, and paying out winnings, these processes are automated, which makes for far more rapid gaming sessions. 

This kind of efficient system will allow players to place wagers faster. What this means is that auto roulette could potentially become your most lucrative product as it will see the highest volume of betting. 

Player Retention

In traditional casinos, players would have to make do with the limited games on offer. In today’s industry where online gambling rules supreme, this is no longer the case. Now, players have an enormous selection of different games and variations to choose from, with new products hitting the market all the time. 

As an operator, it’s vital that you offer your players as many different options as possible. If they feel like the choices on your platform are limited, they won’t hesitate to turn to a competitor. 

Research has revealed that players are not loyal to a particular operator, holding several accounts across different platforms. This means that you must strive to offer your players as many options as possible to ensure they stay on your platform. 

It’s More Cost-Effective 

Live dealer games such as roulette or blackjack have become increasingly popular, players enjoy them for their heightened sense of realism and immersion.

Often, digital recreations of games can feel a bit cold and disconnected, players are unable to truly engage with them on a meaningful level and will leave feeling dissatisfied. 

Live dealer games are far more effective at engaging players, offering them something more like a real-life casino experience than an online gambling game. 

However, for smaller operators, live dealer casino games can be an expensive outlay. Additional staff will need to be hired for the function and operation of the games, as well as for dealers and croupiers for the streams. 

Auto roulette can be a fantastic way to benefit from the advantages of live casino games without having to make the financial commitment of a fully-fledged live dealer game. Players will still enjoy the experience of a real roulette wheel and will benefit from the increased speed and efficiency an auto roulette game can provide. 


The online gambling industry is booming, and live casinos are becoming the go-to choice for players looking for a realistic and immersive online gambling experience. As an operator, it’s essential you take steps to address the shifting behaviour and preferences of players to stay one step ahead of the competition. Auto roulette can be a fantastic addition to your live casino, the game is more efficient and more cost-effective, and it will also offer players more choices and improve player retention rates.