Inside the Mind of a Live Roulette Dealer

What goes on inside the mind of a live roulette dealer? It might not be something you’ve ever thought about, as when we think about roulette, more often than not we think about it from the player’s point of view. Placing the bets, watching the ball spin around the wheel, and collecting winnings are all things we associate with the game, but these don’t take the dealer’s experience into account. 

As the operator of an online casino platform, your dealers and croupiers are essential to your business. They must be able to operate the games perfectly and serve as a source of entertainment for your players. A positive relationship between you and your dealers is key, and one of the most effective ways to forge this connection is by better understanding their role and their responsibilities. Let’s find out more about what goes on inside the mind of a live roulette dealer. 

What is Live Roulette? 

Before we can understand what goes on inside the mind of a live roulette dealer, first it’s important to understand what live roulette is and how it works. 

Roulette is perhaps the most well-known and most popular casino game. It has been played across the world for hundreds of years and there are several different variations available for players. 

As gambling moved online, digital roulette emulations were among the first games to appear on new gambling platforms. However, many players felt they were missing the human element and were less engaging than their traditional physical counterparts. 

Live roulette effectively bridges this gap and introduces more social elements to digital roulette. A real-life dealer is streamed live to a network of remote players, who can enjoy all the conveniences of online gambling in a social setting, with options for interacting with other players and the dealer. A physical roulette wheel and ball are used, rather than an animated version, which enhances the sense of realism and immersion. 

What Does a Live Roulette Dealer Do?

First and foremost, the job of a live roulette dealer is to operate the gaming equipment. On the surface, this may seem like a simple task, but it’s extremely important that the wheel is operated correctly. Every spin must be consistent to ensure fairness of play. 

There are various techniques employed by roulette dealers, but they all involve spinning the ball around the running rail, which is a section above the numbered pockets. As the ball spins around, it loses velocity and eventually rolls down onto the numbers before finally settling into a pocket. 

This takes practice, and dealers must develop muscle memory to ensure they are spinning the ball consistently every time.

The Difference Between Live Roulette and Traditional Roulette

On a traditional roulette table, the dealer isn’t just responsible for spinning the wheel, but also for overseeing the bets as they are placed and then collecting the bets at the end of the spin to calculate and pay out any winnings. 

A live roulette dealer does not have to manage player bets in the same way. The technology that powers live roulette games handles all betting and cashier functions automatically. Players buy chips and place bets through the user interface, which requires no input from the dealer. 

However, a live roulette dealer must perfectly understand the different stages of the game and should issue reminders to players about when betting can begin and when it ends. While players will receive digital reminders of these through their interface, dealers should remind them too, as this works to heighten the sense of immersion and increase engagement between player and dealer. 

In addition, live roulette dealers must understand how the software works so that they can field any questions from players who are new to the game and identify any potential technical issues. 

Finally, live roulette dealers must be engaging and entertaining. Roulette should be fun, so dealers should be enthusiastic and passionate at all times to ensure players have the best possible experience. 

Training Live Roulette Dealers

If you want to add live roulette to your online casino’s product offering, your dealers must be fully trained and highly knowledgeable about both the game itself and the software used to power it. 

This involves extensive, ongoing training. Your dealers must be adaptable and dynamic, able to respond to different situations and to constantly evolving iGaming software. Studies have shown that employees across industries value training, it demonstrates to them that their employer is prepared to invest in their career and will result in higher productivity levels and retention rates. 

Dealers must be experienced and confident. This will make for a seamless gaming experience and will ensure players are fully engaged at all times. Operating the gaming equipment properly is crucial, but having excellent interpersonal skills is equally important for live roulette dealers. 


Understanding what goes on inside the mind of a live roulette dealer is one of the most effective ways to forge deeper and more meaningful relationships with your employees. In doing so, you will establish a more positive environment that will be reflected in the way your casino games are presented and will make for a more enjoyable gaming experience for players.