Unconventional Roulette Strategies Used by Players 

Roulette is one of the world’s oldest casino games. It has been played for centuries, and over the years various forms of the game have been developed, as have several unconventional roulette strategies. 

When it comes to placing bets on roulette, the strategies and techniques used vary from player to player. Some may opt for their lucky numbers, while others will choose a scattergun approach and place bets totally at random. However, some players have developed more advanced strategies and systems over the years, each of which attempts to narrow the odds and beat the wheel. Let’s find out more about some of these unconventional roulette strategies. 

Martingale System 

One of the most widely used roulette strategies is called the Martingale system. It comes from a French system of investing that originated sometime in the 1700s. The Martingale system is easy to understand and can be followed using a small initial bet, which means it’s a popular system among beginners. 

The Martingale system involves betting on the even-money outside bets, 1-18, 19-36, Odd, Even, Red, and Black. Players place a small bet on one of these options until they lose. Directly after a loss, the player doubles their bet, giving them a chance to recuperate their loss. After making their lost money back, the player returns to the small initial bet. 

This unconventional roulette strategy allows players to slowly accumulate winnings in a relatively low-risk manner, as losing in successive sequences when wagering on even-money outside bets is unlikely. 

D’Alembert System 

The D’Alembert System is similar to the Martingale strategy in that it involves placing bets on even-money options. 

The difference is that, when a loss occurs while using the D’Alembert System, the player simply adds one unit to their bet, rather than doubling it. This makes the D’Alembert system even more low risk than the Martingale. While it may not be as profitable, it can stop things from getting out of control if successive losses take place. 

Fibonacci System 

Named after the famous Fibonacci Sequence, the Fibonacci roulette system is an unconventional strategy that involves players increasing bets according to a pre-established sequence. 

Again, the Fibonacci system calls for wagering on even-money bets. However, instead of doubling the bet or adding one unit, players will increase their bet gradually according to the logic of the sequence. This sequence dictates that the next number is the total of the two numbers that precede it. When a loss occurs, the player moves back two steps in the sequence. 

James Bond System

Last up on our list of unconventional roulette strategies is the intriguingly named James Bond system. It gets its name as it was invented by James Bond creator Ian Fleming, and remains a popular roulette system for players today. 

Unlike the previous examples, the James Bond system is a non-progressive roulette strategy. Rather than changing actions based on previous results, players using the James Bond system will repeat the same action every round, regardless of what has happened previously. 

In the James Bond system, the player bets one unit on 0, five across 13-14-15-16-17-18, and fourteen on 19-36. This system means 25 numbers are covered, leaving only 12 that could result in a loss. However, while this strategy can see positive results in the short term, statistically it will result in losses over time. 

How Can Operators Accommodate These Strategies?

Roulette is a game enjoyed by players all across the world, both in physical casinos and online gambling platforms. 

As the operator of an online casino, roulette is something you simply have to have available. Players expect to see it as an option when visiting a casino, as it’s one of the most popular and well-known titles. 

However, it’s no longer a case of offering the most basic version of online roulette you can. The online gambling industry is fiercely competitive, you need to be offering players the best possible services if you want to stand out in a crowded market. 

Live roulette can offer an unprecedented sense of realism and immersion, but it’s also perfect for accommodating players who want to use unconventional roulette strategies. Live roulette can offer players detailed game insights including tables of previous results and pattern tracking. This makes it much easier for players to implement their favoured system, particularly for more complicated strategies like the Fibonacci system. 

By offering this, you will ensure that your online casino is the most attractive destination for serious roulette players and novices looking to explore the use of strategies and systems. 


There is a wide range of unconventional roulette strategies out there, each of which uses a different approach in an attempt to beat the iconic wheel. As an operator, offering live roulette is the perfect way to accommodate players looking to use a system and will give you a real edge over the competition.