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Online Live Dealer Casino Trends That Will Define 2023

Live dealer casinos are just the latest in a long line of tech trends that stand to make online gambling an elevated experience, but there is more to come in the coming years. Live dealer casino gambling is about to go through a lot of fun changes, all of which you can use to create an elevated customer experience at your casino. Take a look at the various trends we expect to see in the coming months for live dealer casinos.

Online gambling expansion in the US

The dissolving of the United States’ Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act by the Supreme Court opened the doors for casinos all over the country. Online gambling could now be decided on a state level, and a lot of states welcomed the idea. Now 30 states have legal sports betting but only 21 have legalised online betting. But the battle isn’t over yet. There are still plenty of bills to be put through that might eventually legalise online betting. If you think the market is exploding right now, expect big things from 2023.

The live dealer casino will expand

With it, live dealer casino games are expected to gain traction. Right now, they are the little something extra added to a catalogue of slot machines, but as the industry expands and tastes change, live dealer casinos are expected to be the next big thing that is why customers come to the online casino.

An uptake in VR experiences

Part of the appeal of live dealer online casinos is the immersive experience and it’s clearly a concept that customers respond to because there has been a distinct uptake in people accessing online casinos via virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality is still very much for the gamers, and that includes casino players. The combination of a gaming headset and an online casino game format that focuses on immersion is sure to be a bestselling partnership. And the best part is that game developers and casino operators barely have to do anything. A lot of VR headsets are operated from a smartphone via a smartphone screen. So, a game optimised for a smartphone is a game optimised for a VR headset.

Wearables will take off

Along the same lines, there are also a lot of people accessing their favourite games via wearable smart tech: namely, smart watches. If your watches can do everything your phone can, it was only a matter of time before customers found that they didn’t even need their phone to enjoy their favourite games. In order to keep up with this trend, however, games might have to be created with smartwatch optimisation in mind on top of smartphone optimisation. Different controls and a smaller screen should be kept in mind while creating them.

NFTs as prizes

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is gaining momentum as governments either embrace or regulate the system. Either way it points to more people using digital assets, and online casinos are the pioneers of where they can use them. But can they also gain digital assets? We foresee bonuses in the future involving valuable NFTs and other digital assets as an impressive and forward-thinking change to the usual free spins or expensive electronics.

Better chatroom experiences

The thing that really sets live dealer games apart from slot machines and table games is the community aspect. Playing online casino games can be isolating when they are missing the social element, which live dealer casinos can offer. Chatrooms are a big part of this and they allow bingo rooms to become a social game again when playing online, but they are also a big element of live dealer table games, where players can interact with other players at the table. As live dealer games continue to improve, no doubt this element will improve with it, attracting more players not just with the games and the winnings but the chance to play with others.

Expanding table games

There are a lot of classic casino table games out there, but criminally few options found on online casinos. The thing that’s going to make online casinos stand out is to offer something more than just blackjack and roulette. VIVO Gaming offers more niche but still well-known classic table games like baccarat, dragon tiger, sic bo, andar bahar and teen patti. Not only will these games impress if they are a part of your table game selection, but they especially impress if they are included in your live dealer casino game options, attracting customers from all around the world or who simply want to try something new.