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Choose as many of Vivo Gaming’s tools as you want for your casino management system and create the solution that works for you. We can provide as many or as few tools as you need. Whether you want to create a full system for a new iGaming brand or target an area that needs improvement within an existing site’s back office, we will be able to help.

One complete system

If you choose, our management system can form the backbone of your iGaming brands – allowing you to manage all aspects of the site through one portal.

Real-time monitoring

Get real-time notifications from the system so your team can monitor and resolve incidents as they happen.

Language support
Our back-office management system is available in multiple languages to best support your staff in their native languages.

Build a Trusted iGaming Website with Vivo Gaming’s Casino Management System

Our casino management system is just the start of what we can offer our clients. Through our turnkey white label solution, we can work with you to create a new brand. Use our tools to build the fully functional back end that you need. Populate the front end with our live dealer games and other titles from our RNG and live game partners.

Work with our team to create the perfect bespoke iGaming experience for your customers. If you wish to create a new iGaming destination to add to your portfolio of sites, let us work with you to make the site that you wish to offer your customers.


We offer a full range of tools in our casino back-office solution. These are designed to give you full control over every aspect of your iGaming websites.

It is vital that a team can manage all aspects of a casino to ensure that a customer will be enjoying the best experience. With all tools grouped together in one system, your team can address issues as they occur. They can also take care of many of the other aspects of casino management with the help of one system.

Some of the tools we offer include:

  • Full history reporting tools
  • Game history visualisation
  • Statistical tools
  • Game configurations
  • Risk management
  • Player management
  • Affiliate management
  • Game promotions
  • Progressive jackpot settings
  • Payment methods
  • Player CRM
  • B2B Support
  • Multilevel hierarchy agent structure


Do you offer software for betting shops and retail locations?

Yes, our back-office management system can be integrated with both existing online casinos and iGaming websites and new ones that are under construction.

How many tools are available in the casino management system?

Our full casino management offers over 10 tools to help you manage your back-office systems more efficiently with everything from Player CRM to statistical tools available for you to use.

Do I have to use all of Vivo Gaming’s tools?

No, if you have a specific area of your iGaming back-office that you wish to overhaul, you need only integrate the tool that will help you to do so.

How do I integrate Vivo Gaming’s casino management system?

Please contact us if you would like more information about how to integrate Vivo Gaming’s casino management system within your iGaming back-offices.

Our Games are Waiting for you

Our team is waiting to hear from you. Get in touch to book a demonstration of any of our live casino games – including roulette, Andar Bahar, Sicbo and more – or to talk through some of the advantages our back-office casino management system could bring you.