Jackpot Roulette

Our live Jackpot Roulette gives your players the chance to win big in this fast-paced immersive game. The game also features jackpot lucky numbers that add to the excitement. 

Roulette Foundation with a twist

Exciting art deco concept and 3D chroma

Multiplier excitement with jackpot lucky numbers

Infinite number of players

Pay outs from 50 to 500 times the player bet!

Immersive Game Show experience

Vivo Gaming Jackpot Roulette

The Jackpot Roulette is the same game as roulette with an exciting twist of adding multipliers to some numbers each round. All the rules of the normal roulette apply to the game. The new feature is the addition of two main elements, a game host and what we call jackpot numbers. Once the player bets are placed, the game will generate random jackpot lucky numbers and a modifier value of each of those numbers. Each round of play includes 1 to 5 jackpot numbers, and each of these numbers will payout from 50 times
your bet to 500 times!

Keep in mind that these prizes refer to full bets on the given number.
Unmultiplied outright bets will pay a standard value of 29 times. All other bets, such as semi-fulls, corner bets, red/black and dozens, pay the same as standard roulette.

Live Demo

Please get in contact with the Vivo Gaming team to schedule a live demo if you would like your players to be introduced to the world of Jackpot Roulette.