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Why Live Bingo would be a great addition to your live casino

If you are the operator of a live casino, you’ve more than likely got versions of the classic casino games on offer to your players. Things like roulette and blackjack are staples of the live casino experience, with more adventurous casinos often branching out into games such as baccarat, sic bo, and teen patti.

However, there is one game that many casinos overlook: bingo. While it may not seem as fashionable or as exotic as the aforementioned titles, bingo is an immensely popular game that is played by millions of people from across the world. Launching your own live bingo game can offer your casino a number of incredible benefits. Let’s find out more.

What is Live Bingo?

Modern technology has changed the gambling industry in ways many could never have imagined. Now, huge numbers of players access games remotely, taking part in their favourites through digital technology from home, without ever having to visit a physical gambling location.

While this has obvious benefits for comfort and convenience, some players feel like they are missing out on what is an integral part of the gambling experience: the human element. Digital versions of casino games are fun and easy to play, but many players find they are less engaging in the long term and that they can feel cold or disconnected.

With live dealer games, you can ensure that your titles do not lose their human touch. In live bingo, a real-life bingo caller is streamed via advanced technology to all participating players. This adds a great degree of realism to the game and makes it far more engaging and entertaining. Bingo is, at heart, a social game, which is something that automated digital versions of the game fail to address. Launching your own live bingo game can give your players the true bingo experience.

Who plays bingo?

As the operator of a live casino, your top priority will be attracting a wide and varied range of customers and players. The gambling market is incredibly diverse, it spans across multiple age ranges and is made up of people from an assortment of different cultural backgrounds. There’s nothing wrong with specialising in one form of gambling with your online platform. However, this could significantly limit the number of players you attract and have access to.

To attract a wide range of different players, your best bet is to offer a diverse collection of titles for visitors to choose from. Analysing and defining your players is a crucial, it can allow you to draw up profiles of your customers and assess which demographics you could be missing out on.

Data published by the Gambling Commission revealed that the majority of gamblers are men, with most aged 35 and above. With this particular market covered, you need to be thinking about how your live casino can target different demographics, namely younger people and women.

Launching your own live bingo service can be the perfect approach. According to research conducted by YouGov, online bingo is mostly played by people aged between 25 and 34. What’s more, the study suggested that women are more likely to take part in online bingo, with females making up 62% of players compared to males at 38%. 

Bingo player behaviour

Attracting players is one thing, but you also need to be able to retain the players you currently have. How can this be done? By studying the behaviour and habits of particular players, you can assess which customers will offer you the most long-term value.

In a study on bingo player behaviour in the UK, researchers revealed that the majority of surveyed bingo players played once or twice a week, with a small number reporting that they played at least five times a week.  This demonstrates the player retention possibilities that you can see from launching a live bingo game at your online casino.

Additionally, bingo players are more likely to take part in other casino games such as roulette, blackjack, or poker. What this means is that a live bingo service can also boost players numbers on other games at your casino.

Promotional opportunities

The online gambling industry is fiercely competitive, with new platforms and services appearing all the time. To see true long-term, sustained success, you must take steps to ensure that your live casino stands out from the crowd and that it is an attractive and welcoming option for prospective players.

Our live bingo solution offers numerous creative promotional opportunities. You can run themed games based on seasonal events or site-wide promotional offers, or you can offer different prizes at different times to keep things interesting and ensure players are always coming back for more.

Our live bingo platform is flexible and versatile. It can be customised to suit your unique live casino and to ensure that it fits with your overall aesthetic style and visual appearance. Promotional material can be incorporated into the game to put your own individual stamp on it and guarantee that your brand name is noticed and remembered by players.


As the operator of a live casino, you need to be constantly thinking of new ways to improve your service and the experience you offer to your players. Live bingo is an increasingly popular title in the online gambling landscape, we’re seeing more and more operators launch their own live bingo titles and reap the benefits. Don’t delay, launch your own live bingo game as soon as possible and you’ll see a number of incredible benefits.