A Guide to Live Dealer Casino Games for start-ups

Live dealer casinos can be hugely beneficial to an online casino. Your catalogue of games will expand with an injection of games that put the thrill and the human experience back into online casino gaming. Take a look at our suggestions to see how live dealer casino games can aid your online casino start-up.

What is a live dealer casino?

A live dealer casino is a variation on the online casino table game experience. Rather than playing at a programmed table that is virtual from the ground up, a dealer is standing at a casino table and being live streamed to your phone or laptop. A real person is dealing you in, controlling the game, and offering a friendly experience while you play through the power of livestreaming. They can come in a lot of classic casino game forms, like poker, blackjack, craps and roulette, as well as a few new additions to the casino.

A new experience

Technology today can do a lot of wonderful things. Wearables are informing the health industry, smart tech is revolutionising our homes, and games of all kinds are aiming for as much of an immersive experience as possible. Online casinos are no different and the obvious next step in technology for online casinos is the live dealer casino. Whether you’re accessing the live dealer casino via your phone or going full immersive with a VR headset, you are instantly transported to the casino. A real casino, with a real dealer, at a real table, giving the player a real casino experience.

This is a great way to elevate your iGaming brand above all the various slot machine casinos to offer the player something more than the online casino experience that has been the standard for years now.

A social element

One thing that online casinos have been missing since their inception is the community feeling. Online casino gaming is typically a solitary activity, sitting alone at the computer while you play, but live dealer casinos offer players a chance to inject some more of that fun that makes the real world casino so enticing. Casinos are part of the party scene, and what is a party without guests?

Live dealer casinos allow players to have someone to play with since a live dealer is available to play with you, but there are also the other people at the table to consider. If the game is advanced enough with the right features, you can incorporate a chat or a livestream so that the players at the table can all communicate.

The social element is one of the main reasons that people might still favour the land based casino over the online equivalent, but live dealer casinos allow the player to play online and still keep that social aspect. It makes for a gap in your online casino getting effectively filled.

A unique experience every time

The nature of the live dealer casino being streamed straight to the player means that no two games of poker, baccarat, blackjack, or anything else, are going to be the same. There is the thought with automated games that there is no human interaction element so you journey is predetermined.

With live dealer casinos, there is an extra thrill in wondering what could possibly happen again with the human element put back into the game. Your players will not have an automated experience they might suspect has occurred plenty of times before, but instead will enjoy the excitement they get from the real world casinos streamed straight to them.

More trust in the brand

Because of this automated nature in online games a little trust and loyalty might be lost from your customers who perhaps wonder if online games, like claw machines are setting them up to fail. Whether there is any truth in that or not, live dealer games are a good way to regain trust from the player. There is nothing programmed beyond the camera pointed at the dealer, so there isn’t any room for playing with the chances of winning. Your odds are as much as they would be in any land-based casino.

The industry as a whole lives by the phrase “The house always wins” and in a capitalist, digital, world your customers are bound to be a little cynical about their chances of winning. You can improve your brand loyalty and trust from your customers with a live dealer casino alternative.

It offers something else

The best online casinos offer variety first and foremost. It is why most online casinos boast on their homepage about their thousands of online slot machines and the different games they offer. Live dealer casinos offer you yet another form of playing to add to your catalogue with variations of many different games within the concept itself. Your casino is sure to rise above the rest in an overcrowded market with the use of live dealer casinos.