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Live Baccarat

Elevate the classic game of Punto Banco to new levels with Vivo Gaming’s live baccarat.

If you’re looking to make your online casino a truly immersive experience, Vivo Gaming can offer you just that. The baccarat options will pull in a vast audience, not just for its great popularity, but for the features given to the games that make gambling with Vivo a personal experience. Your audience will never miss the land-based casino when they can play a live-streamed game with a live dealer.

Multiple studios and table styles to choose from
The Vivo Gaming site offers multiple studios and table styles to choose from.
20 + tables offering 24/7 streaming
There are over 20 baccarat tables to choose from, all of them offering 24/7 streaming.
5 different roadmaps & predictions

Offer your players five different roadmaps and our additional predictions to win big.

Speed baccarat available
Offer your players speed baccarat and games no longer than 27 seconds.
all major Asian languages
Live baccarat comes in 26 different languages, including all the major Asian languages.
Unique studio concepts
Our unique studio concepts will always offer you a new and luxurious experience.


Your players can tune into one of our unique live baccarat studios from around the world and you can make the experience even more personal with themed backgrounds. Using Chroma Key Broadcasting, which replaces a solid color background with a new visual, you can transport yourself to a tropical beach or a snowy mountainside, or even events like Christmas or the FIFA World Cup.

Vivo Gaming is very proud of these technological enhancements. The site offers the most optimal live baccarat experience due to upgrades in software. Cross-platform technology on all the games, including live casino baccarat, means that your players can make bets on any device, whether that’s a desktop, tablet, or phone.
Play baccarat online live with the use of HTML5 tech that offers only the highest quality gaming experiences.

Why Choose Live Baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the biggest classic casino games in the world. It is famously popular amongst the Asian market, making it a good option to expand your users, but it has also gained traction in Europe and Latin America as a staple of land-based casinos.

Offering a live baccarat option amongst your games will allow you to tap into a vast demographic, but also offer your players a more immersive experience. Live dealers, chat rooms, and personalized dedicated studios will give your players an experience they cannot replicate in land casinos.

Over 20 tables to choose from with 24/7 streaming

Players can choose from one of 20 live baccarat tables which all feature a qualified and friendly live baccarat dealer that they can tap into no matter the time of day. Every game has a buzzing chat feature to add to the immersive experience. The chat is fully interactive and available on desktop and mobile, so players are never missing out.

five different roadmaps and additional predictions

Serious baccarat players will love using one of our five available roadmaps to help further their chances of winning. The strategy of baccarat is one of its most appealing elements, and it is aided with the help of roadmaps and other predictions.

Players can keep track of their playing history to make predictions on their next bet by assessing the history of their game, identifying patterns, and predicting future results with our prediction features. Roadmaps feature on our live baccarat games, plus more predictions can be found on the site.

26 languages, including all major Asian languages.

All of the current studios offer Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Turkish-speaking dealers, but the live baccarat games come in 26 different languages. Knowing that the game of baccarat is popular in the Asian market, we have accommodated every major Asian language. This is a great asset to have if you are looking to tap into the lucrative Asian market.

multiple studios and table styles

The Vivo Gaming site offers a range of studios and table styles to choose from to make each experience truly unique.
Every live baccarat studio is operated by qualified dealers, expert managers, and experienced pit bosses to ensure that your gambling experience is as fair as possible. We work hard to ensure your trust in our casino and part of that is delivering a friendly and hardworking team to help you play.

Live dealer games are streamed from casinos all around the world including Bulgaria, Uruguay, Colombia, and the Philippines – and there are more to come!

Try Our Games for Yourself

Baccarat is just one of the many games we offer at Vivo Gaming. You can take a look at our full list of games on the Vivo Gaming website. We have options for all of the major games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as more unique games like Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo. All come with our unique features and together we can work to create a bespoke experience of maximum value to you as an operator.

Contact a member of our team today to learn more about the range of casino games available from Vivo Gaming or to book your demonstration today.