Best Software to Use for Your Live Dealer Casino

If you’re looking to expand your iGaming catalogue, you might want to look into a live dealer casino. The live dealer casino format allows players to enjoy a classic casino game directly from the casino. The dealers are streamed in from their land-based casino straight to the players’ phone or laptop, allowing them an immersive experience that the typical online slot machines and table games do not allow for.

But the more technology advances, the more it finds problems. How do you ensure that you are going in with a live dealer casino provider that will do the job and do it well for years to come? Well, that all starts with the tech behind the live dealer casino. Take a look at our tech solutions that make VIVO Gaming software the superior option.

What are the benefits of a live dealer casino?

Live dealer casinos are a great way to expand your gaming options in your online casino. The classic table games are something that will never go out of style, and live dealer casinos are perfect for bridging the gap between online and land-based gaming. The elements that customers miss from the land-based casino playing, such as the social aspect and the immersive experience, are available on with live dealer casinos.

But in order to do it right, there are elements to the VIVO Gaming software that will make sure that it runs well and easily. Take a look at the features of the VIVO Gaming software that allow it to be the superior option for live dealer casinos.

Data Feed API

VIVO Gaming’s data feed interface is designed to work without the need of any extra technologies for an exceedingly simple interface that is controlled from one place. Stay organised as you control multiple studio locations from the one place. Integrate our API with your own interface, which will allow you to offer VIVO table games in your brand. The data feed API is created to offer as little distinction between VIVO games and your brand as possible, so that the games and the API is seamlessly integrated into your brand. This will allow you more freedom to expand your library or develop your live games further.

VLB InResort

Blackjack and poker are fairly similar in practicalities. You have a dealer controlling the cards at a table while the player dictates the actions they want to make. However, roulette is a whole different kettle of fish. The wheel, the player rolling the dice, it all requires a bit of rejigging to get into the live dealer casino format.

VIVO VLB InResort allows you to integrate roulette into your catalogue with an easy-to-implement solution. Connect phones, tablets, smart TVs and even cruise ship infrastructure to a feed that expands across the entire casino floor. Give your players more gaming choices with dedicated tables, higher immersion, and tables that are personalised to the player or localised to dedicated tables.

Land-based office and retail

But if you thought VIVO Gaming forgot about the land-based casinos of the world, you’re wrong. VIVO Gaming understands the intricacies and different circumstances of live dealer casinos and land-based casinos and strives to meet all needs.

In fact, VIVO Gaming allows you a best of both worlds situation, where you can connect your existing land-based casinos seamlessly with a live dealer casino. The VIVO Gaming’s VLB InResort solution to allow your players in your retail stores to access live table games, giving your customers multiple ways to enjoy their favourite table games and allowing you to expand your gaming catalogue. Maybe you simply don’t have the space for three table games, but you have the space for a flat screen TV in a communal area. You have seamlessly integrated retail and live dealer casino gaming for an easy solution.

Back office

The best solution VIVO Gaming has from an operator’s perspective, however, is its stellar one stop management system. The platform can be accessed from any device and is ready with a range of tools to make managing various live dealer casinos as easy as possible, including real time monitoring and notifications from the system to make sure every problem is solved before it becomes an issue.

White label

Grow your presence online with the VIVO Gaming white label solution. Promote your live dealer casino with a fully customizable and bespoke white label – which you will own – complete with mobile optimization and language support for your international players. Use data analytics and visual player reports to understand the activity on your platform, and if you’re lost, you can always contact VIVO Gaming for standby support as you need it.