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Live dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger is the fast paced, thrill chasing offshoot of baccarat that offers a simple, beginner-friendly introduction to gaming. Our live Dragon Tiger tables make for a great addition to any online casino.


Vivo Gaming excels at offering an interactive and fully immersive gambling experience. Players can tap into one of the live Dragon Tiger games and find a friendly dealer, a unique backdrop, and a thrill-filled game.

Dragon Tiger is a great addition to any online casino, due to its simplicity making it a great beginner-friendly option, and Vivo Gaming’s interactive chat features turning it into a community experience.

Unique studio concepts

Every live Dragon Tiger game is unique with our personalized studio concepts with Chroma Key Broadcasting.

Lobby "Live Thumbnails"
The lobby is filled with features, like the unique “live thumbnails” that will notify you to games and offers.
All major Asian languages
26 different languages, including all the major Asian languages.
24/7 streaming

8 global studios provide 24/7 streaming at each of our Live Dragon Tiger tables.

Flexible Live Dealer Platform

Vivo Gaming offers a wide range of studios and table style that are all well managed so customers can concentrate on having fun.
Expert managers, qualified dealers, and experienced pit-bosses grace every live Dragon Tiger studio screen so that the player can be sure they are getting a fair game.

We are proud of the work we have put into running a range of well-managed tables so that players can enjoy themselves. Vivo Gaming’s live dealer games are all streamed from casinos around the world. They come from Bulgaria, Uruguay, Colombia, and the Philippines. Plus, there are more casinos planned to open in Europe.

Why Choose Live Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger, an offshoot of baccarat, is hugely popular in Asian countries. Although less of a mainstream name in western countries, it is making its way across the globe. You can tap into a vast market by appealing with this lesser known but very popular game. It is the best combination of offering something new, but reliable.

That, coupled with its beginner-friendly gameplay makes it a great option for online casinos. 

The simple rules make it easy to convey and easy to play, getting more players interested quickly.

Plus, the game will be greatly improved with a live Dragon Tiger option. Your players will love that the live dealers, chat rooms, lobby features and personalized studios all come together for a fully immersive experience for a more niche game.

Our games are all fully optimized to handle mobile gaming

All of the games on the Vivo Gaming site have been well developed and optimized to suit mobile gaming. Whether you’re playing live Dragon Tiger in portrait or landscape mode, the game will switch quickly and smoothly for the best gaming experience.

The Dragon Tiger live streams, and other games offered, are optimized with cross-platform technology so that players can place bets and play on any device, bet it a desktop, tablet, or phone. Your players will be able to play at home in the comfort of their living room, or while on the move with so many options available.

The use of HTML5 tech will offer players the highest quality of gaming experiences.

26 different languages, including all the major Asian languages

The Vivo Gaming studios all offer a range of language options, including Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Turkish speaking dealers. The popularity of Dragon Tiger in Eastern Asia means that we made sure to include all major Asian languages amongst the 26 offered across our games and UI’s.

Find 24/7 streaming at each of our live Dragon Tiger tables

Your customers will love playing one of the many live Dragon Tiger tables. They only need to join a Dragon Tiger live stream to get started – no matter the time or day.

The live chat features will make the fast-paced game even more feverish and a community experience, making for an exciting addition to any online casino. The chat is fully operational on the laptop and mobile, and streaming is always high quality and glitch-free. The best developers were specially chosen by Vivo Gaming in creating the games, so players can enjoy their live Dragon Tiger games as much as they want.


Every live Dragon Tiger game can be different with our personalized studio concepts. If you join a stream, you’ll soon find you can give each game a chosen background using Chroma Key. This exciting software replaces any solid colour background with a visual of your choice.

Vivo Gaming kits out various games with themes built around Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and even sporting events like The Olympics.

Try Our Games for Yourself

Vivo Gaming offers other classic casino games on top of the live Dragon Tiger games. There is a full list of offered games on the Vivo Gaming site available for you to browse.

All the major casino games are there, including roulette, casino hold’em, blackjack and baccarat and they all come with some interesting features like live chat features, mobile phone play and personalised studio backgrounds.
If you’re interested, contact a member of our team today to learn more about the casino games available or to book a demonstration of a game you’re interested in today.