How to Market your Live Dealer Casino in 2023

There are so many marketing opportunities to embrace in 2023 for live dealer casinos.  If you are working with a quality core product, that will attract loyal players – then that’s half the battle in itself.  Here we look at some ideas as to how you can drive traffic to your brand and enhance the player lifecycle when they get there.

Build a Strong Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is key to generating new players to your live dealer casino.  A big part of the success of those is nurturing partnerships, and having clear agreements in place as to what is expected from one another. It’s not all about placement of banners, or top positions – it’s also about creating innovative promotions and campaigns that will work well for their audience.  Find out how they get their traffic, what has worked well for other operators offering a similar product and implement.  It’s also critical that you liaise with your affiliate partners regularly to monitor success and assess performance. There’s always room for improvement, and it’s in both parties interests to create a fruitful relationship.

Brand Ambassadors & Influencers

As we have reached a new era of digital marketing where brand ambassadors and influencers are at the forefront of marketing campaigns across all industries, and it is something that is becoming increasingly used in iGaming.  The trick though is that if you are going down the ambassador route, you really need to find someone who has an affinity with your brand.  Do your research, as your casino will be intrinsically linked to them. 

When it comes to influencers, you need to ensure they have a relevant following on social media channels and that they fit in with your key demographic.  Ask them for information on their engagement levels, the types/placements of posts that have been most successful so far and create a specific marketing strategy surrounding that.  There are social media listening tools that you can use that will help you ascertain the success of it by measuring engagement levels on social media channels, brand mentions over time – and you will of course be able to look at your own analytics.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Although the regulations are becoming more stringent in terms of sponsorships and football clubs and other sports teams, it’s still a feasible way to market your live dealer casino as part of a holistic campaign where you are creating multiple touch points. 

As well as this, you may want to consider sponsoring a TV show, podcast or radio show.  This will allow you to reach a mass audience very quickly.  

Marketing within our Chroma Key Studio

The great thing about our white label solution at Vivo Gaming is that it allows huge amounts of customisation.  You can have your branding throughout so players always know exactly where they are, and you can also push other offers/promotions you are hosting within the site.  If you host a World Cup promotion, or Christmas promotion for example, make sure it’s featured to encourage them to stay longer on site.

If you want to market your live dealer casino to a whole new level in 2023, then these should be some considerations.