Vivo Gaming

Chroma Key Studio

Create a unique and personalised experience for your players with Vivo Gamings Chroma Key live casino studio.

Just one table required
Most games only require a single Chroma Key table – allowing you to offer the same game to players across all of your sites and brands.
Fully Customizable
Place our dealer against any background of your choosing.
Compatible with all live dealer games
Use our solution with any of our live dealer games.


No additional tables, staff, or equipment, or even studio space is required when using the Chroma Key casino studio. With just a single table, we can provide you with a high-quality stream that will be broadcasted across all of your iGaming websites. Regardless of the number of brands in your portfolio, your players will always receive the same high-quality stream.

Why Choose Vivo Gaming’s Chroma Key Solution

Chroma Key, sometimes known as color keying, or color-separation overlay is a key technique frequently used in broadcasting – such as in weather forecasts. Using a solid color background, our dealer will be placed against a background of your choice.

Our dealers can be placed in front of any visual of your choice.

 This includes:

  • Locations
  • Animations
  • Brands
  • Logos
  • Any graphic imaginable!

Our Chroma Key studio can be used to broadcast any of our games, including both our European and American live roulette games and more. This solution also pairs well with our Live Casino Holdem and unlimited blackjack games. As these games feature unlimited players against our expert dealer, using Chrome Key technology for this screen allows you to take advantage of a streamlined set-up with maximum reach.


Create the perfect background for your brand with our Chroma Key studio. Tie into seasonal events like Christmas and Halloween, or sporting events like the Olympics or the football World Cup . You might even just want to offer your players the chance to play on a tropical beach or in the bright lights of Vegas.

In addition to the use of a custom background, we can also create bespoke UI’s for your needs. Select any number of colors, styles, and skins for your interface, and move features around as you choose. This will allow you to create a final product for your customers that is wholly unique to your brand.


How does Chroma Key work?

Chroma Key is a visual-effects technique that layers two or more images together, often removing the background of one to replace it with another. A green or blue screen is often used for this as these colors differ the most from human skin colors.

Which live dealer games can use Chroma Key?

Any of our live dealer games can be used with our Chroma Key software, including our roulette tables and more.

How do I integrate your Chroma Key solution into my website?

To find out more about how to integrate our Chroma Key solution and games into your online casino, please get in touch with our team.

How many Chroma Key tables do I need?

Broadcasting can be done across all of your brands and casinos from just a single Chroma key table.

Our Games are Waiting for you

Remember that this is just one of the products and services that Vivo Gaming can offer you. We carry multiple live tables, which will allow you to add a comprehensive selection of live casino games to your brand. In addition to live European roulette we can also offer the American roulette variant and Auto Roulette. The latter is a fast-paced roulette game that, while live, does not need a dealer as it is fully automated.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the live casino games available from Vivo Gaming and book a demonstration now.