Are your Live Casino Games Giving you an ROI?

There are plenty of ways in which the iGaming industry can eat into your return on investment. Countries allow online gambling with the stipulation of high taxes, ongoing fees, and strict regulations to ensure that the industry is safe for everyone. So that leaves what options to ensure that players gather and stay at your online casino? We think live casino games are the answer to keeping your players engaged for a higher ROI. Take a look at our many reasons why.

Target different cultures

Gambling is a universal concept. Whether you’re putting money down for your team to win or your pal to complete a dare, the idea is entrenched in cultures around the world. So, it only makes sense that the casino is also found around the world: places where people congregate to gamble.

With live casino games, you can take people to the casino wherever they are, so long as you have a licence for the country that they are in. You can go with the popular options like live dealer blackjack and roulette in order to bring in the biggest western audiences, but you can also target Indian markets with teen patti and Asian markets with sic bo. This has the double effect of you offering a multi-cultural catalogue of games for the evermore multicultural countries that you operate in and you will offer a niche alternative to players who are maybe looking for something new. Vivo Gaming offers all of its games like sic bo and teen patti with native-speaking dealers so that players from around the world can enjoy their favourite tables in the language they prefer. You can target any country you like with friendly live dealers that make the player feel comfortable by speaking in their native language and remove a big barrier to iGaming.

Target different tastes

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your live casino games, you should remember that because gambling is universal, all sorts of people take part – and they might have their own favourite games. All gambling games have their elements that might appeal to the player. The social aspect of bingo might, the simplicity of craps, and the technique of the poker table, all play into the choices of the player. In order to keep as many players of different tastes at the live casino games, offer some variety. Live casino games come in plenty of options, with VIVO Gaming options including American roulette, European roulette, blackjack, baccarat, casino Hold’em, dragon tiger, sic bo, andar bahar, teen patti and more to come in the future.

If you, for example, are looking to open a specialised online casino, you can use a variety of VIVO gaming products to create a vibe to your casino. Group together classic European casino table games for a casino meant to emulate Malta, and add European roulette rather than American for an authentic experience. Add bingo for a Brit-themed online casino, or baccarat for an Asian theme.

Offer an immersive experience

But the best way to ensure players stick around is with live casino games. Video casino games can give players the bare bones of a casino experience, which they can get tired of after a while. Live casino games put the human back into the concept, adding extra thrills to the idea of gambling online.

On top of that, live casino games give the player a fully immersive experience. They can feel like they are right there at the casino table, with a real casino streamed right to their phone or laptop complete with a friendly dealer. Playing live casino games can feel like a mini-break that way, rather than a distraction from home.

While offering more than what the casino can

But the best thing about live casino games is that it offers the best of both worlds. If you’re in a state or country with no land-based casinos, you don’t need to travel for the casino experience. You don’t even have to leave your home. Players can enjoy the blackjack table from the comfort of their own homes, without the need for travelling and all the money that is spent with that. Instead, that money can go into your live casino games to improve your return on investment.

But the most helpful element that VIVO Gaming can offer, that the casino can’t, is numbers. Operators looking at their online casinos can use the VIVO Gaming data feed API to understand where their players are coming from, what they’re playing, and what is making them stay, all from the one space. From there, you can use that insight to gain players from all over the internet. The VIVO data feed offers seamless API integration so that you can combine the VIVO data feed with your own simply.

Personalise your games

However, an element that makes live casino games stand out from video casino games is its ability to adapt. You can offer a lot of technical perks with VIVO Gaming live casino games that will make the game feel like it’s personalised to the player. We’ve already mentioned native-speaking dealers, with over 10 native language options in our dealers, but there is also the ability to customise your user interface so that it fits the needs of your players. But the most popular is the need to offer live casino games that are compatible with many different devices. It’s important to allow your players to access your games via their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device with a browser and a screen. VIVO Gaming live casino games are fully optimised to play on any device because that can make the difference between a player approaching the table or stepping away for good.