Live European Roulette

Give your players a top-quality live European roulette game through our easy-to-implement solution that will adapt and integrate with your existing platforms.

4 live dealer casinos posing in front of roulette wheel

Adopting live casino games such as live European roulette will always be a winning move for your casino thanks to our roulette solutions. Our expert dealers will ensure that your customers always have an authentic experience just like playing in a land-based casino.

Native speaking dealers

Our European Roulette dealers are native speakers across 10+ languages and have experience in land-based casinos.

4HD robotic cameras
Let your players follow every spin of the roulette wheel with our 4HD robotic cameras and multiview mixing.
Chroma Key Broadcasting

Enhanced customization allows you to place any logo, location, or animation behind the dealer with a single chroma key table.

24/7 Streams

With multiple studios around the world, we can offer a live roulette experience to your players, no matter where they might be.

Real-time stats and reports

Get Real-time reports with our back-office management tool.

A tailored experience

Work with our team to create a customized solution that best fits your needs.

Flexible Live Dealer Platform

Vivo Gaming can offer you a flexible live dealer platform that will fit perfectly into your existing casino structure. If you wish to create a library of games with live European roulette at its heart, our team will be able to offer a boutique and tailored solution that meets your requirements.

Our unique partnership with leading third-party providers will allow you to create a library of exciting games to run alongside our live dealer casino games. Choose from a wide range including slots, keno and bingo, plus the chance to cross-sell into potential integrations from virtual sports and sports betting platforms. 

Why Choose Live European Roulette?

European roulette is the preferred style of roulette for many online casinos. Players will often find that European roulette odds are a little more in their favor than those of the game’s American cousin. The house edge for live European Roulette is approximately 2.70% compared to the 5.26% of American poker. This still very much rules in the favour of the casino hosting the game, but offers a better edge to players. It is one of the major factors that makes it the dominant choice for online roulette.

Our roulette software offers 10+ tables from multiple studios all over the world. No matter what style of game you wish to offer your customers, you will be able to find it here. With 10+ tables and the capacity to stream 24/7, there is no reason why you cannot offer a comprehensive selection of live table games to your players – wherever they might be located.

4HD robotic cameras and multiview video mixing

Our online European roulette tables come with 4HD robotic cameras and multiview video mixing. In addition to this, we offer unique features such as 2D and 3D modes on desktop devices, plus the ability to switch between portrait and landscape modes on mobile. All our games are HTML5 UI compatible with most mobile and desktop platforms to further aid the seamless integration of our platform with yours.

Chroma Key Broadcasting

Dynamic Chroma Key broadcasting replaces the solid color background of the live European roulette studio with a visual of your choice, allowing you to place the dealer behind any location, animation, or brand that you require. A single chroma key table will be able to promote the brands you work with across all websites you operate.

Real-time stats and reports

An infinite number of active players can stream our live dealer roulette games, all while choosing their preferred design, language, and dealers. All of this is supported by our back-office management tool offering full history reporting, game history visualizations, statistics tools languages, risk management, player management, and game configurations.


Our roulette tables stream 24/7 from 8 studios around the world. We employ dealers local to studios across Europe, Asia and LatAM, allowing us to provide 10+ tables across our live European roulette games and beyond.

We offer a fully customized Live Dealer solution with local dealers and the option to utilize our dynamic Chroma Key broadcasting that replaces the slid color background of the live European roulette studio with a visual of your choice.


We employ dealers local to studios in Bulgaria, Uraguay, the Philippines and more. 


A single chroma key table gives you the ability to promote the brands you work with across all websites you operate. 


Place the dealer behind any location, animation or brand that you require

Our Games are Waiting for you

Remember that this is just one of the products and services that Vivo Gaming can offer you. We carry multiple live tables, which will allow you to add a comprehensive selection of live casino games to your brand. In addition to live European roulette, we can also offer the American roulette variant and Auto Roulette. The latter is a fast-paced roulette game that, while live, does not need a dealer as it is fully automated.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the live casino games available from Vivo Gaming and book a demonstration now.