How to Choose the Best Live Dealer Games for your Brand

Are you an operator looking to add live dealer games to your brand? Or maybe you already have live dealer games but want to add to your existing portfolio? Either way, it’s critical that you get the games that are appropriate for your player base. There are a number of different factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the best live dealer games for your brand which we have outlined below.

The Target Geographical Location

If you are looking to grow your brand in another country, or you want to increase the spend or player lifecycle of your existing players and provide them with a more well-rounded experience – their geographical location is key when it comes to choosing games that are the right fit. Make sure you do your research in terms of popularity of games within those specific areas to attract players and choose a provider that can offer those.

You will also want to ensure that the live dealer game provider can accommodate that country, and that they have localised studios to create a personalised experience for those players.

Your Provider is Secure and Compliant

Responsible gambling and fair gaming are at the heart of the iGaming industry. It’s essential that when you choose your live dealer game solution, you select a provider that has these values at their core. Not only will this add credibility to your affiliate peers when promoting your brand, it will also increase the level of trust your players have in your offering.

Vivo Gaming takes compliance incredibly seriously, and it’s at the forefront of everything we do. You can read more about our compliance process and procedures HERE. Make sure you do this before selecting any provider.

You are Working with an Innovative Provider

You need to ensure you are partnered with a provider who is at the peak of their game and consistently innovating. Players expect a lot from an operator site these days as there are so many brands for them to choose from. Do they regularly launch new releases? Are they improving upon their existing games? Are they celebrated by their peers? There are awards and accolades distributed by industry professionals, and you can also get some good information from affiliate portals that allow user generated content. Players often leave star ratings or reviews on their experience of the games on offer.

Reporting and Data

You want to ensure you get a return on investment when adding live casino games to your brand, that’s where the backend analytics come into play. Ideally, you need a full history of reporting tools where you can see all of the necessary data. At Vivo Gaming, we not only offer that – but risk management, statistic tools, CRM management, language support and more. Having the appropriate support in place will be what makes the partnership succeed.

If you would like to discuss any of these topics with the Vivo Gaming team, please get in touch!