Player Etiquette of Live Dealer Casino Games: Keeping Your Player Community Safe 

As live dealer casinos continue to dominate the gambling market, it comes as no surprise that there are more and more newcomers being directed toward them. However, as a newcomer, there are certain people that are very unclear on how to act whilst playing their live casino game. And as a developer, it’s important to educate these newcomers on how to improve their player etiquette, for the sake of your player community, your business, and the player’s general enjoyment of your product. Read on to find out more about how you can keep your community safe by understanding player etiquette. 

New to live casinos? 

If you are a new business in the live casino market a good place to start is with your games. Help out new players by releasing games that explain and reward good player etiquette. A live casino is an online casino that brings exciting and interactive live games, thus, allowing players to enjoy real dealers in real time. The process normally includes live streaming from the casino’s side to give players as much of a real-life experience as possible. Similar to standing in a real casino, the players are also able to chat with the dealer and the other players at the table. 

Player etiquette 

A newcomer player must be made aware that there is such a thing as player etiquette and that they must follow this guide. One of the tips that they should follow is to always show respect to the dealer and the job that they are undertaking. As previously mentioned, there are live chat rooms available to all the players where you can ask any questions that are on your mind or even make small talk with them. Even though players have this option to chat with them, they should remain polite and respectful. They should never let their emotions get the better of you, even when they have lost their game. Keep information clear on the screen of your game to remind them of all of these points. These dealers are there for a job and they don’t want to be asked personal or inappropriate questions that have no relevance to the role they are providing. It is therefore your duty as a developer to protect your employees from intrusive comments.

Also, ensure that players are keeping their personal information to themselves. A customer sharing their information can result in a lot of cyber security problems like hacking or doxing, and if it happens on your platform, you are liable to consequences. If this rule is not obeyed, the player’s profile should be flagged and they should potentially face a suspension or ban. 

Advice to follow 

A piece of advice that you should always state to your players, is that you should never play whilst deeply intoxicated. Just like in a real casino, playing whilst intoxicated online is highly frowned upon. The main reason for this is that although casinos want to make money, they never want to take advantage of their consumers, and if players are intoxicated, they are more likely to make strange and irrational decisions which can cause their behaviour to change from respectful to disrespectful very quickly. 

Another important piece of advice that you should remind them to consider is that they must be prepared to spend. This may sound obvious but a lot of new players are surprised at how much money they will end up spending. Just like visiting a casino in the physical world, they will have to decide on a table that they want to sit at and start gambling. If the table is too expensive for their liking, they should vacate the space and free up the room for a player that will actually spend the money. 

It’s important to promote responsible gambling in every aspect of your game. This is why a lot of casino games and casino operators host a range of responsible gambling tools, to ensure your player community is a lasting customer that enjoys their time with you without getting into financial trouble.

Learn the rules 

To ensure a fair game, players should always be educated on the rules. There are a few ways you can be sure of this. One way is to make an informed and prominent information menu option available on your game, where the player can read up on the rules. Another is to offer a free demo version of your game so that the player can give it a few rounds without fear of losing their money. Furthermore, there is nothing more frustrating for other gamers than being distracted by your continuous questions, similarly, this can ruin the flow that the dealer is in as they have to answer all of the questions in order to provide the best possible customer service.

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